By now it should be clear to everyone, that a cheaper price may seem enticing and a good idea at the time however the number one rule in Lash etiquette is that cheaper is never better! Too many salons offer this service when they really shouldn't. The dodgy application seen in the top picture on the left, shows lashes which are not only stuck together via poor application, however, this clients natural lashes became weak, fragile and some even fell out when the extensions were removed. They were correctly reapplied and unfortunately, if the customers just went to a qualified, experienced lash stylist to begin with, she wouldnt have had to pay for both servies, plus the cost of the lash damaged prevent thickness or her desired full look.


Lash After Care

Do not wet lashes for the first 24 hours t allow the bond between the glue and lashes dry thoroughly.

Do not use an eyelash curler

Steer Clear from face products with oil as this will dissolve the bond of the glue. Stick to water-based products.

Avoid oil based cosmetics around the eye, including mascara for the same reason.

Avoid saunas and steam rooms as the heat will also dissolve bond.

Avoid touching and playing with your lashes, and be gentle!!

Please come to your appointment with NO eyemake up on.
Lash appointments range from 60-90 minutes
40-50 lashes per eye are applied for a natural look
Russian Lashes have up to 6 thin lashes applied to each individual lash.
Lash adhesive is sensitive to accomodate those who have sensitive eyes, no burning.
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