Our Speciality is applying Eyelash Extensions. We are not a beauty salon, we provide specialist application of extensions to ensure our clients we are not like every other beauty salon who offers the service as one of many. This is our mastery. Our business was specifically set up to offer clients appointments which are not KPI measured to get as many customers though the door, but to dedicate however long it took to give clients professional and glamourous lash results.

Classic 1:1 Lashes

Classic Eyelash Extensions are the original beauties which see one single lash extension applied to each of the clients natural lashes. We use acrylic, silk and mink lashes providing different textures and outcomes as per desired by the client. Mink will provide for a more softer, fluffier result as the fibres are quite fine, delicate and usually reccomended for the lash extension conossieur.


Russian Volume Lashes

2d-6d lash application which means thinner extensions are applied to each individual eyelash but instead of only applying 1:1, Russian Volume allows for up to 6 lashes per eyelash to be applied giving a fluffier fuller look. The application takes about double the time but the end result is to die for and as I like to call it, Delicious!!!

refills and lash shaping

What lash business would be complete without the opportunity to support your addiction with the regular maintenance and offering different options with the lengths and thicknesses clients wish for depending on the event or their everyday desired look.


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